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Red Wing Moc Toe 875 Review (After 1 Year)

I have never closely paid attention to what people wear or followed trends. However, when pictures of David Beckham and Ryan Gosling wearing the Red Wing Moc Toe kept surfacing, I had to take a closer look. Before you decide I’m an ignoramus, I have heard whispers of Iron Rangers being the godfather in the world of men’s footwear and I proudly own a couple.

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 Top

I bought my Mac Toe from the flagship store in town; put them through a rather rough year and here they are today. I wore them constantly through the year and only brushed it after a couple of wears. They took a beating but emerged victorious as you can see.

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 sizing

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 Toe Box Top

As it is stated on their website, Red Wing boots are smaller than the average boot in size. Therefore, you will need to go down half a size or more when buying your Mac Toe.

My feet measure 8.5 on a Brannock device but a US8D Mac Toe was my perfect fit. To give you an idea, I wear a US8.5/ UK7.5/ EUR42 / 26.5cm Flyknit Nike sneakers.

Red Wing Mac Toe is available in two widths for each size: D for medium width foot and EE for guys with a wider foot. In general, D width fits a bit too snug at the beginning but it molds to your feet after breaking them in. On the other hand, EE tends to loosen after their break in but wearing a thick sock easily fixed it.

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 fit

The other boots I own from Red Wing have taken good care of my feet so I did not expect anything less from the Moc Toe. I wasn’t disappointed. to say they fit like second skin, after breaking them in, would be an understatement.

Other boots like the Iron Rangers exert their presence even after years of wearing them. Moc, on the other hand, becomes like an extension of the limbs.

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 leather

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 Front

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Red Wing's Moc Toe 875 is made of full grain leather labeled Rough & Tough. Full grain leather is taken from the top layer of the animal's hide and therefore reputed to be the best in the market. It ages better and gives the leather a distinct look.

This leather is more durable and offers more comfort. It has been infused with oils and wax during production which makes it pull-up leather.

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 Back

The boots aged in a unique way that makes them look much better after 1 year of wear as you can see in the photos, but you need to take constant care of your boots or otherwise they may dry rot and crack.

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 break-in

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 Shoe Tongue

Red Wing boots are typically constructed with real tough leather making them a bit harder to break in. I was able to break in my pair after a good month of regular wear. Yes, the initial wears were brutal on my feet, especially around the toe crease. My feet were crammed and I was in pain.

If you are in a hurry to make this your daily work boot, you will be disappointed. I rubbed leather oil into the problem areas and this helped soften the leather considerably.

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 leather care

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 Side

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Step 1: Deep clean - Remove the laces and brush off the dirt and dust with a horsehair brush. Dip a clean cloth in warm water and take an appropriate amount of leather cleanser and apply it into the leather. Let it air dry.

Step 2: Condition - Apply leather oil with a soft cloth all over the leather. Conditioning keeps the leather from drying and cracking. Red Wing's All Natural Leather is recommended for Moc Toe, while mink oil is not. Let it sit for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Protection - Take a leather protector and spray it evenly on the boot. This protects the leather from moisture and water.

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 sole

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 Sole

The Moc Toe's outer sole is a Traction Tred rubber sole. It is basically coagulated latex or natural occurring rubber. It is softer and more comfortable and will not make you careen into the gutter like my Iron Rangers did to me last winter.

The innersoles are as thrifty as most Red Wing boots and with no shank. It has a cork midsole though and the Goodyear welt makes resoling much easier. I must point out that the dents in the sole of my boots are my doing and not the maker's. I bumped into a twig while crossing the park.

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 price

Red Wing 875 Moc Toe ranges from $230 to $320 depending on the color and size you are getting.

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How to wear Red Wing Moc Toe 875 boots

Moc Toe’s are considered to be the best boots with jeans, especially dark blue denim. Cuffing the jeans allow you to show off your boots and gives you a polished look. The cuff should be no more than an inch or two at the most to avoid looking stocky. When you stand, the cuffs should hit the top of the boot or cover it slightly. The idea is to look proportionate with a masculine silhouette.

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 with Olive Chinos

It can also be paired with chinos in brown and olives tones.

Red Wing Moc Toe 875 with Jeans

It can be paired on top with monochromatic shirts or plaid, plain tee shirts or a pea coat for a subtle but serious fashion statement.


Red Wings Moc Toe gave me a near torturous experience while breaking them in. But I kept reminding myself that they are essentially a work boot and made for endurance and durability. After a year of thorough use, they are so comfortable I could walk in them all day.

Aside from that, the materials used and the dexterity involved in making this boot is the finest and you can be sure that Moc Toe is serious about making its influence felt.

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