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Golden Goose Sneakers Review: Superstar

When searching for a durable and versatile pair of shoes, the Golden Goose Superstar sneaker may not be what first comes to mind. Many critics say that paying $400 for a pair of distressed sneakers is a waste: why not buy a cheaper pair and just do the ‘wear and tear’ yourself?

After trying these shoes myself, I was convinced that buying these shoes was more than just buying the design, it was the level of quality within the shoe that makes it truly worth the price point.

Golden Goose Superstar Sneaker

The style and shape of the Golden Goose Superstar sneaker are not the core features that make them unique. The hand-made detail and luxury materials, like the quality leather used internally and externally, is what really makes the Golden Goose Superstar stand out among similar, cheaper shoes. Each pair is marked in a unique way, so each pair is one of a kind!

This shoe can be worn in so many ways and I found that the textured style of these sneakers adds a tone of variety to similar sneakers on the market which fail to make much of an impression beyond a logo.

You can be sure that wearing the Golden Goose Superstar will garner compliments from everyone who catches a glimpse of these. The sneakers are not only comfortable but they also stand out so much that I had people asking if they were indeed the Golden Goose Superstar, where to buy them and if they really are worth the price.

After wearing these sneakers for only a week I knew that they are certainly worth the cost, both in appearances and in design.

Golden Goose unboxing

Golden Goose Superstar Unbox

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The Golden Goose Superstar sneaker comes in a standard shoebox with a unique design. The shoes are wrapped and separated with tissue paper and included is a shoe dust bag and an information pamphlet.

The dust bag features a zipper, instead of the standard drawstring. This bag will help keep your pair protected when traveling, or for safe keeping.

Golden Goose sizing

This unique sneaker fits true to size, I wear a size 41 and it fits like my Converse shoes (US8/UK7), so you should choose your regular sizing when picking up a pair. The shoe can fit a wider foot comfortably and the sole securely supports your foot without causing too much friction or causing blisters. Mine fit like a glove but didn’t restrict or put pressure on my feet.

Golden Goose review

Golden Goose Superstar Side

The Golden Goose Superstar sneaker is a streetwear shoe with a relatively simple shape, with natural curves in the heel and toe box. The heel tab is a deep black leather, easy to grip to slide your foot in. These shoes are handmade in Italy, giving each pair a unique touch of a distressed design.

Golden Goose Superstar Sole

The sole of the shoe features a rubber cup sole that is both light and durable. Whatever the weather, this shoe will withstand everyday activities well and is water resistant. Walking in the rain proved that this sneaker is of exceptional quality. Despite the wet ground, the sole of the shoe gripped well with every step.

Golden Goose Superstar Insole

Complementing the strong sole of the shoe, the insole is well-stitched, genuine leather. This aspect of the sole is one of the main reasons this shoe is worth its cost. The genuine leather helps to absorb moisture and helps to prevent any nasty odors, which are often associated with other fabrics used in cheaper shoes.

Golden Goose Superstar Insole Heel

It is also about 3cm thick, giving you a small, hidden heel and cushioning your feet which makes for a whole day of comfort, no matter how much walking you do.

Golden Goose Superstar Tongue

A remarkable feature that drew my attention was the luxurious feel of the terry cloth lining on the tongue, which also surrounds your foot. This feature not only adds to how cushioned your foot feels but the design of terry cloth as a fabric is comparable to genuine leather in how it absorbs moisture away from your foot, stopping sweat and blisters, a common problem with shoes made from canvas or other man-made fabrics. I wore these shoes for days in a row and for many hours, and I never had overly tired or sore feet.

The upper portion of the sneaker is in soft, luxurious calf leather which is a lighter material than standard cow leather. This helps keep the overall weight of the shoe down and is soft to the touch. Another element which made me feel comfortable in these sneakers all day long.

Golden Goose Superstar Side View

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The Golden Goose Superstar will age with grace, no need to clean them daily or buy any ‘special’ products to keep them in pristine condition. I am more than happy if I get a few extra scuff marks to add even more character to my shoes. If anything, I’m more concerned that the next time my mom visits she’ll try to clean them!


Overall, you cannot fault these sneakers for their price. The materials are of supreme quality. I really loved the distressed style and the aesthetic of the shoes, and especially the fact that no corners were cut when they were constructed.

My pair of Golden Goose Superstar worked well with casual outfits, such as a shirt and jeans, but adding the hint of uniqueness to otherwise simple clothes.

No other brand has the individual style of these sneakers, even though you could distress a pair yourself of a similar brand, the quality of the Golden Goose Superstar is a cut above similar sneakers within the price range.

Even if you were to shop in a lower price range, for example, Converse, the shoes won't last more than a few years because the quality of the materials and the stitching just isn't durable. (If you are looking for a better Converse alternative, check out my recommendations of best Converse alternatives.)

Even though these sneakers are unique and extremely well-made, it would be worthwhile to try to find them on discount. A few different online stores have occasional deals. But if you wait too long, most of the average sizes will sell out quickly.

Ultimately, if you do end up paying full price for the Golden Goose Superstar sneaker, you will not be disappointed.

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