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Charles Tyrwhitt vs T.M.Lewin Shirts

The shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt and T.M.Lewin have a rich culture in their background, and they have been both popular choices of men shirts over many decades. Both the brands are of British heritage and offer shirts that are similar in style and price range. In this article, I will be bringing the comparisons between these two similar brands and will point out the qualities that set them apart.

Aspects Charles Tyrwhitt T.M.Lewin
Price ★★★★☆ ★★★★★
Quality ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆
Range of shirts ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Fit ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆
Durability ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆
Return policy ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆
Online shop ★★★★★ ★★★★☆

Background of Charles Tyrwhitt and T.M.Lewin

Charles Tyrwhitt was founded in 1986 by Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler. It was initially started as mail order and later on progressed with making shirts for men. In 1997, the company opened its first shop in Jermyn Street which is famous for hosting a vast number of tailors that retail menswear.

Thomas Meyers Lewin opened his first shop in Jermyn Street in 1898 selling men shirts and accessories. It gave birth to the ‘coat-shirt' which is a shirt with buttons down the front like a coat and has become a prototype of the modern shirt worn today.

Charles Tyrwhitt vs T.M.Lewin price

T.M.Lewin is cheaper than Charles Tyrwhitt. They both offer multibuy discounts.

T.M.Lewin offers 5 shirts for $239 / £120 while Charles Tyrwhitt offers $199 / £119 for 4 shirts.

The shipping fee to the United States is $10 for T.M.Lewin and $12.95 for Charles Tyrwhitt, and T.M.Lewin offers free shipping for orders over $150.

Overall, the shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt and T.M.Lewin costs lower than $50 if you take the multibuy offer into account. This made them the go-to brands if you are looking for affordable yet high-quality formal shirts.

Charles Tyrwhitt vs T.M.Lewin quality

In terms of the quality of the shirts, I would say the fabric and construction for both Charles Tyrwhitt and T.M.Lewin are pretty solid and the difference is minimal. The shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt and T.M.Lewin all feature split back yoke and non-fused collars.

Charles Tyrwhitt Brass Collar Stay

Charles Tyrwhitt Collar Stay

One difference is that while T.M.Lewin offers standard plastic collars stay, Charles Tyrwhitt shirts go one-up and come with brass bone collar stay, which adds a touch of luxury.

And while T.M.Lewin doesn't allow any alteration to the shirt, Charles Tyrwhitt offers alteration services for additional pockets and monogramming, which is a plus for people who like exclusivity.

Charles Tyrwhitt vs T.M.Lewin range of shirts

T.M.Lewin Non-iron Blue Fine Stripe Slim Fit Shirt

T.M.Lewin Non-iron Blue Fine Stripe Slim Fit Shirt

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Both Charles Tyrwhitt and T.M.Lewin offer a wide range of fabrics from Twill to Egyptian cotton.

Charles Tyrwhitt Non-iron White Arrow Weave Shirt

Charles Tyrwhitt Non-iron White Arrow Weave Shirt

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Charles Tyrwhitt offers slightly more variations on the collars like semi-cutaway and extreme cutaway.

Charles Tyrwhitt vs T.M.Lewin fit

I bought slim fit shirts from both brands which measured 15.5" / 33".

Charles Tyrwhitt fits very nicely overall, especially in the shoulder area, while T.M.Lewin is a little bit looser on the chest and shoulder area.

Fit is subjective. It depends on your body type and your ease preference. You may have a different fitting experience.

To help with understanding the different lines of fit of the two brands, from loosest to tightest it goes like this:

Fit Product
Loosest T.M.Lewin - Regular Fit
Very loose Charles Tyrwhitt - Classic Fit
Loose T.M.Lewin - Slim Fit
Slightly loose Charles Tyrwhitt - Slim Fit
Slightly tight T.M.Lewin - Fitted
Tight Charles Tyrwhitt - Extra Slim
Very tight T.M.Lewin - Super Fitted
Tightest Charles Tyrwhitt - Super Slim

Charles Tyrwhitt vs T.M.Lewin size

One striking difference is that the shirts from T.M.Lewin are looser on the chest compared to Charles Tyrwhitt, which is the reason why Charles Tyrwhitt shirts fit me better.

Charles Tyrwhitt vs T.M.Lewin Size Chart

For example, for a slim fit shirt with collar size 16", the chest and waist measure 47" and 42" for T.M.Lewin while 44" and 41" for Charles Tyrwhitt.

So if you refer to the comparable fits between T.M.Lewin and harles Tyrwhitt, the shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt fit tighter.

Charles Tyrwhitt vs T.M.Lewin durability

Both the brands offer budget-friendly shirts, and with that keeping in mind, it is impressive how they don't fail the durability checks.

There is some minor shrinking after every wash, but I honestly have no complaints.

Charles Tyrwhitt vs T.M.Lewin return policy

CT offers a 6-month return period, but it does not cover the cost of return.

T.M.Lewin offers free returns but with a 90-day return window.

Charles Tyrwhitt vs T.M.Lewin online shop

Both Charles Tyrwhitt and T.M.Lewin websites offer high-quality images with zoom in feature so you can actually see how the weave of the fabric is like before buying a product.

Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts Product Detail Page

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The product detail page of Charles Tyrwhitt's website is designed much better than T.M.Lewin. They go an extra mile by helping a customer with suggestions to accessorize a shirt with cufflinks or ties.

And you can choose different color options and cuff type for that particular shirt in the product detail page. I found this is very useful when I want to buy the same shirt with different options to get a multibuy discount.

Charles Tyrwhitt uses a third-party review platform called Feefo so I would argue that Charles Tyrwhitt takes customer review more seriously. If you check the customer reviews on Charles Tyrwhitt's website, you can see that they promptly reply to every single customer with a bad purchase experience.

For a person who likes shopping online, Charles Tyrwhitt's website certainly appeals more.


Overall, both Charles Tyrwhitt and T.M.Lewin offer high-quality shirts at a budget-friendly price point. The difference in price and quality between Charles Tyrwhitt and T.M.Lewin is minimal.

Price is slightly cheaper for T.M.Lewin, but given the better fit and better online shopping experience that Charles Tyrwhitt offers, I would prefer Charles Tyrwhitt over T.M.Lewin.

But as I said before, fit is subjective, and your mileage may vary. I would definitely recommend both Charles Tyrwhitt and T.M.Lewin shirts for your next purchase.

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