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Best White Sneakers for Men for Every Budget in 2019

A great pair of white sneakers is the foundation of your wardrobe.

The next time you don't know how to match your shoes with your outfit, try white sneakers.

They can pair with anything and look stylish - jeans, suits, chinos, shorts, and whatever you can imagine.

They are hands down the best fashion item to own in your wardrobe.

However, choosing the right pair of sneakers for your budget can be quite a challenge. Some sneakers can be pricey and you don’t know whether it’s worth your hard-earned money.

To help, I’ve handpicked the best white sneakers for every budget.

Let's dive right in!

Over $300: Common Projects Original Achilles

Common Projects Original Achilles Low

Common Projects Original Achilles

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Common Projects is a high-end sneaker brand founded by Messrs Peter Poopat and Flavio Girolami in 2004. Their first product, Achilles, got so much praise since their release in 2004 and the brand is now well known for its minimal design.

Common Projects Original Achilles Low numbers

Common Projects Original Achilles have a clean and minimal design without any logos. The only embellishment is the gold foil stamped numbers on the outer heel of each shoe. The three sets of number represent the style, European size, and color.

Common Projects Original Achilles Low package

The sneakers are packaged in an all-white shoebox with the Common Projects name at the top. Inside the shoebox, they come with a white dust bag and an extra set of shoelaces.

Common Projects Original Achilles Low top view

When you hold the sneakers in hand and look at it closely, you can feel the construction and materials are top-notch.

Crafted in Italy’s Marche region, the upper and lining are made of soft, bright white Nappa leather. I’m not a leather expert but the leather is certainly better than the average sneakers on the market.

The sneakers use one-piece Margom soles and they seem rather hard and durable. Unlike other cheaper sneakers, their soles are stitched to the uppers instead of being glued on.

Common Projects Original Achilles Low with jeans

The stitched soles, together with the slim silhouette and the pure white leather, give the sneakers an elegant touch.

The sneakers are so sought-after that even the used version is being sold for $200 more.

The price is in the high end, but you’re getting a pair of top-notch sneakers with a simple, classic and timeless design.

Check out Common Projects Original Achilles

Less than $300: Zespa ZSP4

Zespa ZSP4

Zespa is a France luxurious sneaker brand founded by three friends in 2009 after they finished fine art and trade school in Aix-en-Provence.

Zespa ZSP4

Zespa ZSP4 looks like an upgraded version of Adidas Stan Smith with a minimal design and a slim profile. And like Stan Smith, they have a variety of color on the tongue and heel tab.

Zespa ZSP4 shoebox

Like Common Projects, the sneakers are packaged in a white box with the “Zespa, Aix-en-Provence, Made in France” at the top. However, they don’t have a dust bag and an extra set of shoelaces.

Zespa ZSP4 forefoot

The construction and the material are as good as Common Projects Original Achilles. They use Margom soles and Nappa leather for the upper and lining.

Zespa ZSP4 heel tab

Zespa ZSP4 heel

The inner lining is made of calfskin and is a bit thicker in the heel area than Common Projects. While you feel more comfortable wearing them, that gives the sneakers a less sleek profile than Common Projects.

If you are looking for a high-quality but cheaper alternative to Common Projects Original Achilles, this is your choice.

Check out my Zespa ZSP4 review for more details.

Less than $200: Clae Bradley

Clae White Leather Bradley

Clae White Leather Bradley

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Clae Bradley white leather

Clae was founded in Los Angeles in 2001. They provide more affordable options than Common Projects and Zespa. Most of their shoes fall in the price range of $100 to $200.

Clae Bradley white leather front

The sneakers have a very slim profile and clean design. The only frill they have is the colorless stamped logo on the tongue.

Clae Bradley white leather side

The sneakers use soft, sturdy full-grain leather for upper and lining and molded EVA for the sole. They are quite durable and they still hold up after years of wear.

I got my Clae Bradley 2 years ago and the soles were white. The soles of the latest version are beige in color. I prefer white soles but it’s just a matter of taste.

Clae Bradley white leather heel

I especially like the neoprene fabric at the heel. I wear in all day and doesn’t feel the sneaker rubbing against my heel at all.

Clae Bradley white leather with jeans

Clae Bradley white leather with chinos

Clae Bradley is so versatile that you can basically match it with any outfit without breaking your wallet.

Less than $100: Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas Stan Smith

For less than $100, Adidas Stan Smith is your best bet. No white sneaker can beat this all-time classic at this price point in terms of design and quality.

Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

The sneakers have a slim profile and round toe, which gives them a clean silhouette.

They are comfortable and stylish, making it an excellent choice of everyday wear.

All in all, you get a big bang for the buck with Adidas Stan Smith.

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